Although there existed a number of graduate chapters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, several visionary brothers in August 1980, understood the need for another graduate chapter strictly devoted to serving the needs of Fairfax County, Virginia. Spearheading the effort to establish this new chapter was Brother James F. Jenkins, an Omega Man for more than 30 years. Assisting Brother Jenkins were Brothers Isaiah E. Barnwell, Jr. and Connie A. Brown, lifetime members with over 30 years of service between them. After a few months of negotiation and coordination with officials of the Fraternity’s Third District and National Headquarters, thirteen petitioning brothers (Robert U. Griffin, Waddell Avery, James F. JenkinsJohn L. Peoples, Luther C. Williams, Isaiah E. Barnwell Jr., Marion L. Barnwell, Henry Walker, Alvin WilliamsonWillard O. Jasper, Chauncey F. Crenshaw, Connie A. Brown, and Ronald E. Lofton) drafted a letter to the Supreme Council on November 12, 1980. The letter entitled: “Justification for a Graduate Chapter in Fairfax County, Virginia.” stated:

“The diverse demography of Northern Virginia argues persuasively for a chapter devoted exclusively to the dynamics of Fairfax County. There are more than 100 Omega men known to be residing in Fairfax County who are not affiliated with any chapter. We, the petitioning brothers, intend to initiate a serious effort to reclaim such brothers. In our view and in order for the work of Omega to go forward in the 1980s, a graduate chapter for Fairfax County is not only desirable, but most fitting and appropriate. Confident that we have met the requisite Fraternity Constitutional stipulations for petitioning a new graduate chapter, we request that the Supreme Council grant this charter expeditiously in order for the concerned brothers in Fairfax County, to begin to advance the cause of Omega on January 1, 1981 or as soon thereafter as possible.”

Psi Alpha Alpha received official notification of its chartering on Dec 26, 1980 during the initial meeting of the Supreme Council at the 60th Grand Conclave held in San Francisco, California. At 8:45 A.M., in the Sheraton Hotel, Grand Basileus Burnel Elton Coulon informed Brother Connie Brown of the Supreme Council’s favorable decision on the Fairfax petition for a chapter.

The initial meeting to conceptualize the purpose of Psi Alpha Alpha was held on January 24, 1981 at the Holiday Inn, Tysons Corner, Virginia to determine goals that chapter should achieve. Brother Jenkins, who volunteered to serve as Basileus Pro Tempore, led these deliberations. The first formal meeting was held February 21, 1981 in the home of Brother Ronald Lofton. During this meeting the chapter members elected officers, formed five committees, selected two delegates to the 48th Annual Third District Conference, designed an advertisement for the Annual Third District Meeting souvenir program, and approved plans for the first chapter Memorial Service at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia. In addition, plans were made to sponsor a celebratory banquet in order for the Third District Representative to formally present Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter with its charter.

The following meeting on March 28, 1981 was held in the home of Brother Chauncey F. Crenshaw. During this meeting, the chapter nominated Willard O. Jasper to run for the 3rd District Keeper of Records and Seal during the April Third District Meeting, and instituted the chapter by-laws, program and budget. Later that evening Brother Kenneth A. Brown, Third District Representative, addressed the chapter members and their wives and officially presented Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter with its charter. Due to the fortitude of the thirteen visionary men and the 1981 program set, Psi Alpha Alpha embarked on activities that would see it members accomplish more than any other chapter for the same period of time in the history of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.