The Brothers of PsiAA attended and participated in the 3rd District Virtual Undergraduate Summit on January 9, 2021, hosted by the 3rd District Second Vice District Representative, Bro. Malcolm Fox.  With over 300 brothers in attendance, including 46 undergraduate brothers, the summit highlighted such topics as Legal Awareness, which went over mandatory documentation needed for facilitating public events as well as the proper utilization of fraternity logos and symbols, and the Fraternity’s Social Media Policy, which further stressed the importance of your online presence (words, pictures, and how it should not interfere with your academic or professional reputation).  The 3rd District Automation Chairman, PsiAA’s own Cornelius Beidleman (PsiAA, 2015), gave an update on the revamped 3rd District website and gave instructions to the undergraduate chapters on what would be needed to populate their sites. The summit also gave the Undergraduate Brothers the opportunity to discuss innovative ways they can continue to fundraise during the pandemic as well provided resources for scholarships, internships, and post-graduation employment.  Overall, the brothers in attendance were appreciative of the amount of relevant information that came out of the summit and lauded it for Bro. Fox’s leadership, attention to detail and overall time efficiency.


Virtual 3rd District Undergraduate Summit 2021

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