“The diverse demography of Northern Virginia argues persuasively for a chapter devoted exclusively to the dynamics of Fairfax County. There are more than 100 Omega men known to be residing in Fairfax County who are not affiliated with any chapter. We, the petitioning brothers, intend to initiate a serious effort to reclaim such brothers. In our view and in order for the work of Omega to go forward in the 1980s, a graduate chapter for Fairfax County is not only desirable, but most fitting and appropriate. Confident that we have met the requisite Fraternity Constitutional stipulations for petitioning a new graduate chapter, we request that the Supreme Council grant this charter expeditiously in order for the concerned brothers in Fairfax County, to begin to advance the cause of Omega on January 1, 1981 or as soon thereafter as possible.

The diverse demography of Northern Virginia

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