Greetings Great Brothers of the 3rd District Large Chapter of the Year,
RQQ to the Great Brothers. The mission is complete and it was conducted in a FIRST CLASS manner (James F. Jenkins - our Charter Brother). We EXCEEDED the set goals and will be donating $1,500 to support the Cancer Society. We had a total of 29 Brothers and 13 Family and Friends who participated in the Walk, Run, and Cycling challenge. Final article coming shortly. Continue to be safe.
Status Total Participants
# of Submitted Activity 42 Adanda Fondon Dorion Patrick Perry
Alfred Myers Emanuel Carter Richard "Spike" Jones
Run/Walk (Steps / Miles)  783,463 Steps

/ 392 Miles

Anonymous Fantauzzi Robbs
Anthony Bell Gregory Mitchell Robert Sinclair, Sr
Biking (in Miles) 623 Miles Antoinne James Cherry, II Robert Smalls
Bradford Caldwell James Williams Sheldon Schanck
Brunson Kenneth Cain Simpkins
Calvin Beidleman Leroy Latten Steven Gilchrist
Celeste McDaniels McKenzie Terry Love
Chester Keller Malcolm J. Murray Theodore "Ted" Williams
Courtney Marion Barnwell Tony Wells
Craig Spraggins Marvin Chisolm Vance
Debra Myron McDaniels Willard O. Jasper
DeMarcus McVey Nelson William Jones

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