2019 Top Winner Elaine Ransom (center) flanked by Bro. Richard Morris (l) and Basileus Bro. Eric Kelly (r).
Our proud 2019 scholarship winners!

Scholarship Application 2020

Psi Alpha Alpha
Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,Inc. appreciates your interest and invites your participation in our scholarship program. It is critical that you follow all instructions, provide all requested information, and return your completed application via this website or email address (below) by March 6, 2020. Applications that are not in our possession or not postmarked by the deadline will not be considered for review and are automatically disqualified. Applicants must be a resident of Fairfax County or Arlington County, Virginia. You must be a college-bound high school senior to apply.

All applicants should be interviewed on either March 14, 21, or 28, 2020. Interview locations and further coordination will be announced later.

  For all our perspective scholarship recipients, it is highly recommended that you attend our Annual Scholarship Breakfast, in your honor, which will be held on May 30, 2020 from 9:30AM – 12:30 PM at The Waterford Reception Center, 6715 Commerce Street, Springfield, Virginia 22150. This will allow us the opportunity personally honor your achievements in the presence of your parents and our chapter members.

  Please direct questions to Mr. Hector Sheppard (928) 581-9523, Mr. Robert Smalls (703) 644-5731, or Dr. Brandon Nzekwe (850) 322-4716.

We commend your interest in our scholarship program. As you prepare for your collegiate career, we encourage you to take advantage of every potential opportunity to ensure your future success.

Hector Sheppard, Jr.
Scholarship Committee

Download the application here to prepare your answers. Please submit or upload your completed application via this page (preferred) or via email to psiaascholarship@gmail.com. Please Register on the site FIRST, then login to allow your application to be saved prior to submission. If these options are not feasible, you can mail your completed application, to the address below.

Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Bernie L. Bates Memorial Scholarship
c/o Hector Sheppard, Jr.
P.O. Box 30876
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-0876

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A. Describe any community service and/or volunteer activities that you are or have been actively involved. Include dates and positions of leadership (e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) B. Describe current or previous jobs that you have held. Include dates and any leadership positions that you have held. C. Extra-Curricular Activities: 1. List any significant High School positions that you held. (e.g. Sports, Clubs, etc.) 2. List any Honors or Awards received. 3. Describe and comment on Hobbies, Recreational Activities, and any other Uses of Your Time. (e.g. Travel sports, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc.)

Faculty/Community Member Letters of Recommendation

Provide the Name, Address, and Telephone Number of 1 Faculty Member at your school and 1 Member of the Community, who will write a Letter of Recommendation for you. These Letters of Recommendations must accompany this application in order to be considered for this scholarship award.

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Please state your purpose for applying for this scholarship. Indicate your perception as to how this scholarship from the Fraternity can assist you in achieving your career goals. In the process, please provide details on your background, motivation, and specific personal, family or other circumstances that make it important for you to receive this financial assistance. Please provide your response between 500 and 750 typewritten words.

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