As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in 2018, the Brothers of Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter, Third District, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. again used this season to support two important communities in Fairfax County - the Gum Springs Community Center and the Soldiers at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

For well over 25 years, Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter’s Social Action Committee has provided Charismas baskets in the form of gift cards to deserving citizens selected by the South Fairfax County Program Director, Neighborhood and Community Services; and Fort Belvoir families selected by the Chaplaincy.

This year’s project involved providing Fairfax County $240 in gift cards for food from Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter and $250 in gift cards from Target.  We also provided $300 in gift cards for food to the Fort Belvoir Chapel – for a total donation of $790.

The Gum Springs Community Center’s donations were made on December 15, 2018, as Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter supported the center’s Christmas party.  The chapter’s donations were made by Basileus Emeritus Marion “Barney” Barnwell to Several recipients. The Target gift cards were given to the Program Director, Senior’s Program, Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, at the Gum Springs Community Center to present to deserving senior citizens of their choosing.

On December 20, 2018, our Basileus Emeritus Marion “Barney” Barnwell and Brother Kenneth Younger, Social Action Coordinator, made the second presentation to U.S. Army Chaplain (Major) Douglas Weaver, the Resource Manager, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  Chaplain Weaver will ensure deserving military families receive the $300.00 in gift cards through the chaplaincy so that they, too, can enjoy a well-deserved Christmas dinner.

The Brothers of Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter enter this holy season enthused as we as we “uplift’ others this Christmas.

PsiAA Annual Christmas Baskets Donation

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