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With great “enthusiasm,” Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter began its sixth year of the “Reading for Success” program at Riverside Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.

On November 8, 2018, the Brothers, known affectionately as “The Sirs,” supported six third-grade classes with a total of 125 eager students.  The program consisted of the Kickoff and First Read Aloud session.  Again, we were welcomed by Third Grade Coordinator, Third-Grade Teachers, and especially the Third-Grade Students.

The chapter’s Bernie L. Bates Foundation, Inc., provided 115 Royal Purple and Old Gold Backpacks filled with 26 books on various subjects to encourage reading and provide the students an individual reading library.  We chose “The Last Minute” by Sasha Griffin, for the first reading session and this book was added to their library.  The book tells the story of a girl name Katy who put off completing a homework assignment until, you guessed it, the last minute.

Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter was represented by 12 brothers who served as reading mentors.  Brothers Barney Barnwell; Antony Bell; Antonio Coleman; James George; Jerry Hubbard, Sr.; Chester Keller; Ronald Lofton, Sr,; Frank Matthews; Clarence Miller; Richard Morris; Sheldon Schanck; W.J. Williams; and coordinating this program was the chapter’s Social Action Coordinator, Brother Kenneth M. Younger.

“The Sirs” are proud of the fact that we have donated “3,105 books” during our “Kickoff” and First Read Aloud session of this school year.  The brothers of Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter will continue to do their part to inspire these young readers and we look forward to the second of our four Read Aloud sessions in January 2020.


Reading For Success Nov 2019

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